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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hehe say hiiiiiiiiiiiii to my friends :)

Life is WONDERFUL. Even though I just lost someone I loved a lot, many told me to move on, and they helped me with that ^^ They occupied most of my time, having fun hanging out together, and that made up the time I used to spend with her. Mum told me to sit down and think of all the friends that I have, that will be there for me regardless of the conditions. Those people up there, yup, they'll be there for me :) Even when they don't want to lmao.

I'm blessed 
Thursday, went back to NCPS. Met Clarissa, Leroy and Nicholas at CP. Shared drink with Leroy >< Then he go lick Nic wtf. Reached NC about 12nn, wah shit can I just write this in point form? Tired.
-Leroy carried my bag all the way, then he ran off with my bag...
-Slacked at 7 backdoor woots.
-Saw Rusyaidi, I think he was asdfghjkl cos I put my arms around Leroy >< lol.
-Ran around NC freely, knowing the teachers and prefect cannot do anything/give me demerits \m/
-Ms Aina had sup til 4pm, we slacked in last year 6C class \m/ Blasted I Just Had Sex LMAO. Felix.
-Got bored then all 14 of us went to the playground spam photos and slack
-Went Pizza Hut with ms aina after that.
-Of course, Ms Aina pay la xD
- I love 6C.

hehe iloveyou stinkypig.

11:18 PM
Yours truly.