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Friday, December 31, 2010
Hello 2011. Nice to meet you.

Haiz, Sad new year. No mum. Dad at work. DAMN MY LIFE IS SADDER THAN HER, K? Now chatting with Leroy, Nic & Vicky. Lol talk idk what lah, no mood alr hear her name. I seriously wonder whats her fking problem. "I like you", "I wanna cry", "I like you as a brother", BLAHBLAHBLAH, I wanna knock my head on the wall. She want cry, cry lah, seek sympathy from others, like even the others care. HEY, I PITY YOU UH. _|_

P/s, I like my blogname xD New year dare. & I'm not changing itttt.

SADISTIC BASTARD & BITCH, COME GET ME. I'M HERE. _|_ IT'S NOT A GOOD YEAR FOR ME. Pity me all you want. Fuckthisshit.

-Iffah Khaliesah.

9:12 AM
Yours truly.

30; Happy 2011 :)

Enough hate posts, sick & tired of it -.-

YAYYYYY, it's 7:47pm now, 5 hours & 13 minutes to 2011 xD Sucha sad thing though, I can't spend it with you. Oh well, I shall go outside at 12midnight, prepare popcorn (even thou kinda exaggerating), and enjoy the one-hour firework display infront of my house (Y).

Yay, I'm a Crescentian! Yellow top, turquoise skirt. And I could proudly say, my mum's a Crescentian too :') Good thing though, cos we can use sport shoes or normal shoes. AND. allowed to use handphone \m/ Ohyes, second day of school, going Canoeing :DD Fourth day of school, CAMPFIREEEE. My hairstyle for school, either clip up fringe, or cut slanted fringe. Hehehee.

So here's my new year wishes/resolutions.
  • Just to pass & get A1 for every tests and exams.
  • Make mum proud.
  • Don't cry because of nonsensical stuff. Only cry because of mum & dad.
  • Build up my immune system, try to not get sick easily.
  • Help dad in financial stuff.
  • Reduce phone bill.
  • Try not to spend more than $2 a day.
  • Meet up with Dayana at least once a week.
  • Take care of the baby well.
  • 6C Class Chalet in March to be a success.
  • Mum & Dad to be happy & healthy & every other good stuff.
  • Mum II & Dad II to be happy & healthy & every other good stuff.
  • Not to be sad on my birthday.
  • Make new friends.
  • Grandma & Granddaddy to be in good health.
  • No more wars, lolomgfuck I'm sick of it.
  • Pass my history & geography! I SUCK AT IT.
  • Buy mum the watch she always wanted on her birthday.
  • Control my diet.
  • Not to gain more than 2kg in 2011.
  • Get gold/first in national competition.
  • Donate a sum to Grandmummy's mosque.
  • Teach sister.
  • Last but not least :) ,
  • Lastlongwithhim. hehehehehe.
I LOVE YOU ALL! Bye 2010, Hello 2011, I missed you so much.

Iffah Khaliesah.

3:45 AM
Yours truly.


To my dear 'TheDude', the fake one,

Ohmy, I think you're confused. You don't even know if you're a Dude or a Dudette! Yes, may I help you bitch? I didn't say I'm thin, I asked whether I'm thin. I'm not a dog, I'm not even allowed to touch dogs, be it being one? They have small cages in SPCA, you said it's a big joke when I said I'm thin when I didn't, right? So one could deduce that I'm big-sized, therefore I can't fit in the SPCA cage. By the way fothermucker,

Dog = mammal.
Mammal = have fur.
Iffah does NOT have fur.

Well doesn't mean I'm not a mammal, but certainly I'm not a dog. Dogs have tails, but I don't. Therefore another reason why I'm not and can't be a dog. And yes, you said something about me having many ex-es? Yes, I have 5 ex-es. You only have 2. Means your unlikeable. Pity.

Okay, enough talking about you, you're just worthless. Aiming for Anderson, wow, the cut-off point from your aggregate, quite a big gap. & you still want to argue, saying that you will make it through NCHS. Oh my, they rejected you! I know, Cedar rejected me, but it's because I turned down the appeal. Hm, you're happy because your uniform is above your knee. Wow-oh-wow, SHOW SHOW SHOW. Peep show. Wow, so.. "wonderful".

Bye fothermucker, we're not in the same school anyway. & I'm not looking forward to transfer to your school, CVSS, even though he's there. I rather be in Crescent, my mum's old school. Oh my, I've gone too far haven't I? Don't worry, we won't see each other anymore, & you don't have the chance to even slap my face. Alamak, I seriously pity you eh.

Who else uses "pathetic" often & calls me WOMAN? You.

Iffah Khaliesah.
Don't forget my hugs & kisses. They're very nice.

12:46 AM
Yours truly.

Thursday, December 30, 2010
29; Proudly a Crescentian :)

Two words. FAME MONSTER.

Omg seriously, why are you like that? Add random people, even add my ex whom you don't know! Walao damn pathetic sia you. I pity you very much. And also, stop being so bhb can-.- Very irritating. Tsk.

Ohwell enough dwelling on that idk what. Today went to Crescent to buy my books & uniform. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. $450 -.- Alya went earlier than me, when I reached there at 10am. Whoa. The skirt, like damn frigging long. A little bit higher above the ankle. And I realised something shocking. Above my waistline, only 30cm. Omg like I so thin meh?! LIKE STICK SIA. Lucky my leg not like chopstick -.- As for the shoes, I using sport shoes. The one I bought with.. Danish. Heh.

I can't wait to start school, in 5 days (: Praying to get the same class as Alya.

Iffah Khaliesah.


4:15 AM
Yours truly.

Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why.

Wah lol, end of December already -.- I shall do for January onwards.
  • To make new friends, & to understand the new Maths.
  • To pass all my common tests. I can't bear to fail.
  • To save at least $500, for the 50% share to pay for the laptop.
  • To make my mum proud, and meet her.
Iffah Khaliesah.

3:41 AM
Yours truly.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Day 07 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

5 people in the picture, inspired me very much. They're the one whom I turn to, whenever I need advice (Y) Especially the youngest one, damnnnnnn cute! Hhehehe.

Iffah Khaliesah.


12:48 AM
Yours truly.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why.

Skipped Day 05, cos the picture in my phone, and can only post with my other laptop. Imma do Day 05 other time. :)

My favourite superhero... Can it be a woman? If it is, then the super-heroine would be my mum (: I love her. She's the reason I'm here & she saved me from an NDE.

Iffah Khaliesah.

6:54 AM
Yours truly.

Monday, December 27, 2010
Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn't have.

A habit that I wish I didn't have... Is missing someone too easily and cry often. Make me sound like a crybaby :( BUT SERIOUSLY SIA. I miss my mum. I could cry thinking about her. And when I ask dad this, it'll turn out like this:

Me: Pa, can visit mum this weekend?
Dad: Sure girl, I'll drive you to her place.
*When weekend came*
Dad: Come, I drive you to tuition.
Me: What about mum?!
Dad: Next week.
Dad: Live with it.

WTF RIGHT! Kay enough talking about my mum. Makes me sad all over.

Iffah Khaliesah.

10:28 PM
Yours truly.

28; Don't you get it?!

Disappointed D: Ignore ignore ignore. Is that all that boys do?! Ugh. Nvm, you don't understand. Hell yea that's true (Y)

You disappoint me with one word. "No". That's all you could say.
Browsing through the pictures we had last time. I realised. How happy we were. 11 months. Never made it to 12. Sigh, what's done, can't be undone.


Stalking his mom. Hehe xD. Seeing the pictures of their outing, events, or just random stuff, reminds me of me, my mum & dad. I was a rich baby okayyy hehehe :D. Went to Australia, Hong Kong, NZ and Indonesia. I wanna stay with mum badly. I could just wish upon a star~ Next 11:11 ehhh.

Iffah Khaliesah.


10:30 AM
Yours truly.

Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends.

Sheryl wasn't there, heh. Missed the time when we were together. Four of us. GVSI. Not fate la, cos of that 'girl'. Dunwan call her bitch. WELL SHE'S BULLSHIT, I MIGHT AS WELL FORGET ABOUT HER.

" Trust no men , fear no bitches . "


3:14 AM
Yours truly.

Sunday, December 26, 2010
27; If I become a shopper for a day ,

" I throw and spend all my money as if they are monopoly bucks . "

Went to Batammm. Left house at 5.15am, and I was at Vivo at 6.10am-.- Lol damn early, so walked around Vivo. I was the only one there xD Then waited for uncle, then off to Batam on ferry with sister, dad & aunt. I was bored for the first half and hour, so texted him that I was on board. Didn't reply. Heh.

Reached there, uncle's wife (my aunt), picked us up from the ferry terminal. Lol I fell asleep in the car. Damn tired from the one hour ferry ride. About 10 minutes, reached uncle's house. OMG I SAW THE BABY OH HE WAS DAMNNNNNN CUTE! He was fair, he was delicate, he was oh-so-perfect. He's only a month old :D. I love Aidil Rafif Bachtiar xD

Got bored after an hour, so told Uncle to drive me to the mall & shopppp. OMG SIA. Everything so nice, and cheap! 6820 rupiah = 1 Singapore Dollar. So walked around, these are the stuff that I bought:
  • LV Wallet
  • Burberry Wallet
  • Random awesome wallet
  • Parker Pen xD
  • Puma watch
  • Necklace with a pendant made of polished ____ bone. idk.
  • Anna Sui wallet
  • Random watch
  • Beach slippers
  • 2 watches for my sisterrrrr
Wanted to buy at least something for but idk what to gettt D: Scared later buy something, he dunlike. Heheh. .__________. So total spent around 350,000 rupiah? $51.31964809384 Singapore dollars. WORTH ITTT. & I like the necklace. Heeeeeeh. Always wanted that. (Y)

Went back to uncle's house at around 2.30pm, attend Aidil's ceremony, then eat lunch. At 3pm, went to the ferry terminal, then continue second round of shopping. I bought these stuffs.
  • Engraved burn-wood name keychain.
  • Flower hair clip for sister.
  • Another LV wallet.
  • A shirt for brother.
  • Massaging thingy for dad :D
Spent around 150,000 rupiah. Around $22 lah. At 5pm, boarded the ferry & went back homeee. Reached JB around 10pm. Tired like I wanna die man.

Spent 500,000 rupiah. Like monopoly bucks. xD

Iffah Khaliesah.


6:23 AM
Yours truly.

Day 02 - The meaning behind your FB display picture.

" Randomisation . & also to show that people do have feelings , and one has to be wary of it . Variety . One can get bored if everything is constant . To avoid it , an item must have a large variety of colours , material , shapes & etc . "

-Iffah Khaliesah.

6:18 AM
Yours truly.

Saturday, December 25, 2010
26; Don't pay attention to me.

" I'm bloody insignificant . I wonder why he still loves me . "

Went out with family. Damn dulan, when eating dinner also I don't feeling like smiling. When they told a joke, I didn't laugh. &cousin some more surprise attacked me. How can I not cry? I don't wish to live here anymore. I want to stay with mum. She's the one who can understand me. &I miss her. I miss him too.

Don't you fucking understand? I'm sad.


6:06 AM
Yours truly.

Friday, December 24, 2010
Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

1. In Crescent Girls' School.
2. Hates studying.
3. Likes wasting time.
4. Loves sleeping.
5. Likes to waste money.
6. Turns 13 on 10th February 2011.
7. Wants a lot of things.
8. Has 2 dads and 2 mums.
9. I have everything that I want.
10. Hate being the eldest.
11. Loves dogs.
12. Loves shiny stuff.
13. Collects necklaces.
14. Prefer sneakers to high heels.
15. Loves him very much.

8:37 PM
Yours truly.

25; The 30 day challenge.

Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 02 - The meaning behind your FB display picture
Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends.
Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn't have.
Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you've been to.
Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why.
Day 07 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.
Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why.
Day 09 - Something you're proud of in the past few days.
Day 10 - Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.
Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends.
Day 12 - How you always spend time with your love ones.
Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 14 - A picture of you and your family.
Day 15 - Put your ipod on shuffle : First 10 songs that play.
Day 16 - Another picture of yourself.
Day 17 - Someone you want to switch lives with for one day and why.
Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have.
Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them.
Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.
Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy.
Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else.
Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot.
Day 24 - A letter to your parents.
Day 25 - What I would find in your bag.
Day 26 - What you think about your friends.
Day 27 - Why are you doing this 30day challenge.
Day 28 - A picture or you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29 - In this month, what have you learned.
Day 30 - Who are you.

8:08 PM
Yours truly.

Thursday, December 23, 2010
24; I wished you were there with me.

" Because without you , I'm lost "

Being in Crescent Girls' School for a day - SCARY.
1) I'm in first class -__-" &My classmates, damn proud/arrogant/hao lian. -.-
2) The seniors today, veryyyyy kind. TOO kind to be precise.
3) Everyone had a seat & a partner for themselves. I was a loner. I sat ALONE.
4) Suddenly soooo many girls in the class. 45 girls -.-
5) I became Little Miss Shy. I DIDN'T TALK TO ANYONE AT ALL. ._.
6) Somehow I am the only NC-ian that got into Crescent Girls'. T.T"
7) I'm in my mum's old school. Means, THE SCHOOL DAMN OLD. The tables&chairs, old. Lucky the food isn't old.
8) The hall damn small. Claustrophobic. Ergghhhhh.

Seriously, I wanna change school. Appealed to Cedar. High chance I can't get in -.- I wanna go neighbourhood school, Punggol/Pei Hwa/ Compassvale/Edgefield. Damnnnn shouldn't have chosen girls' school. Of all the people, my life has to suck the most.

Iffah Khaliesah.


6:12 AM
Yours truly.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Damn dulan now. God knows why. Screaming at siblings do help. -.- Good thing I chilled. Wanna say thanks to Didi. Hahs.

There was no fucking food. I am fucking hungry. Siblings damn noisy. I got fucked up and screamed -'- Lol someone next door said something like "wah someone shout damn loud like monster like that" -'- And I seriously wanna fucking go out -.-

Kill me.


11:01 PM
Yours truly.

22; Fugging b^tch -'-

" Your knife , my back. My gun , your head. Simple "

Yeap, I'm irritated with you-'- Ugh you just make me wanna puke on your head. You know what I like best about you? You die in the end. :D

Hehe. Sister using the lapt with msn & fast internet -.- So I'm using the laptop with only blogger/facebook/twitter/tumblr and slow internet. Fug. I go bathe, she go take the other laptop. Z. No fairrrr. And now it's a usual routine eh.

Morning - Chat w Rusyaidi & do some youtube-ing.
Afternoon - Chat w Rian/Rusyaidi/Ijul (Didi's cousin)/some other peopos.
Night - Blog & tumblr. Chat w Leroy & some other people.

Heheheheheh. It's the same almost everyday. And ohya. It's the 20th today. 2 more days to school posting results, 2 more weeks to Secondary School. Hell yeah I'm ready okay.
My mind is set to be in a girls' school^^.

I just trimmed my bangs just now. It's slanted, from left to right. I aim to make it look like a fringe. But as usual, FAIL T.T


Iffah Khaliesah :D

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3:22 AM
Yours truly.

Sunday, December 19, 2010
21; Be prepared.

" Expect the unexpected "

Woohooo he's backkk :D I woke up at 11am, checked Facebook. Then yayyyy. Ho. So uh, watching tv nowww. Seriously there's nothing to do at home. I'm stuck-.- Mum also complaining.

Mum: Eh, I getting sick and tired watching you at home, on the computer all day long. Not bored ah? Go out with your friends la.
Me: Not my fault lah. You go ask papa whether he allow me go out. Surely he say no chance one lah ._.
Mum: wah, you challenge me eh. Okay okay, I'll ask papa. If he say can, watch out ah.

Wa. If he say can also. Idk where go. hhahaa.

Iffah Khaliesah.


1:11 AM
Yours truly.

Friday, December 17, 2010
20; Cherish everything you have.

" You wouldn't know when you're gonna lose them . "

Hehe I was up tumblring yesterday night.. Got some awesome pictures eh. Hehe. Teehee. Haha. Wtf. -.-

Okayyy so yesterday. Wasn't really in a good mood. Today's Saturday 18th Dec btw. 4 more days to school posting results. I seriously got a strange feeling I won't make it to Cedar. Rumoured that the cop would rise to 250, cos of the IP. Well I got 248, too bad can't plus the hmt -.- Or not 251 and I'm qualifieddddd :D Z. Ugh don't tell me I'm gonna be in crescent. Mom's old school.

Wah I damn sleepy now. It's only like 9.13am. I woke up cos I had no mood to sleep. =.= Wah I have the sudden urge to swim in the sea again hahaha. Very nice okay swim there :D


Iffah khaliesah.


4:49 PM
Yours truly.

Thursday, December 16, 2010
19; Pizza.

Hell yeah they're nice like awesomeshit.

Oh yes, I'm back on tumblr. Here it is :D Better follow me.
So this is my

I'm almost everywhere. I forgot about my xanga, flickr, friendster & multiply account. They're all dead. Hehe. Most active account obviously Facebook^^.

Okay back to stories. I'm missing my gs :( &ohya. I love ex-es who actually talk/chat with me like we never fought. I love one example :D Hehe. I hope you don't get mad eh. Hm. Rusyaidi buying kinect soon. Recommended me to buy also. He said it's AWESOME AND CHEAP. Kay $229. Tempting!!! Like seriouslyyyyyy Imma buyyyyy. HEHEHEHHEE. & he is not angry with meeeee. One less thing to worry about :D

Ashfan going back Bahrain this Sunday. Awwwww.

Iffah Khaliesah.


4:58 AM
Yours truly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
18; I'm a very impulsive person.

" But when it comes to love , I'd dare try to forget who I am . "

He's in Phuket nowww! Hehehe. 3D 2N + short trip + short trip + etcetcetc. Let's just say it equals to one week. I'm being a good friend by waiting at home patiently. :D

Okay what does that guy want from me -.-



10:27 PM
Yours truly.

17; I'll miss you.

" I wonder how does it feel , to be in your arms . "

Hmm, he flying off for Phuket tomorrow morning at 8am.. no more midnight chats until he comes back to Singapore. Haiiz. Surely gonna miss him. :(

Elaborate blogpost tomorrow, I kinda tired now. Goodnight people.

Iffah khaliesah.

6:38 AM
Yours truly.

Monday, December 13, 2010
16; Don't let me go.

" Cos I love the way you hold me . "

OH TODAY. I LOVE TODAY. ROCKS-TO-THE-FRIGGING-MAX. Bowling then Bumper Car-ing four/five times, then block catching. I love block catching the most. Cos of some, no, a LOT of special reasons

I scored 73. Kay, noob lahs. I think I was second, if not mistaken. Or not first :) Leroy, me & Nic, first second third. For the first 4 throws, I only scored 5 -.- Then subsequently getting spare spare spare. Then at last, TA-DAAAA. 73. Loll. :D

They totally rock! 7mins for $6, quite worth it lahs. My first round, was with Leroy & Nic. Awesome \m/. Took damn lots of pictures, maybe posting it on Facebook sooner or later. & I keep getting my head knocked on the side of the head rest. Damn pain -.- Then we went for a few more rounds. Funnnnnnnnn :D

Block catching!
Hahaha awesomest catching thingy I ever played. First went to block 240, then idk what block, then go carpark :D Very fun kay, cos go up & down, trying to find the boys :) At the carpark, more fun. Even though easy catch, I hid in a corner. LOL. & ohmyweeeee~ So sweet kay. HOHO x)

Texted Leroy afterwards :) Sho shweeeeeet

Going Singapore tomorrow morninggg. Supposed to go for a swim but then I can't -.- Some reasons.

Iffah Khaliesah.


6:23 AM
Yours truly.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
15; I saw you in my dream last night.

" You told me not to be scared, cos you'd be there for me "

Haha kaayyyy I can't think straight cos listening to LMFAO's catchy musicccc. Will distract me damn easily. hahahhaah OKAY ST-music-U.

Kay I can type calmly now. Ugh. Last night. Dreamt about a lot of stuff. Sad stuff. & I woke up like, WHY THE EFF ARE YOU IN MY DREAM?! I mean, okay, it's over but. Pros say that you dream of that person cos you've been thinking of that person too much. *shocked face like shiat* I didn't think about that person too much kay. zomfg lmbfao.

Hoo I'm at home alone now and there's no food I don't know how to cook and there's no drinks and I don't know how to make tea.

Dad - At work.
Mum - Family Gathering.
Siblings - Family Gathering.

I didn't go the family gathering as I felt a little bit sick in the morning and turns out that I have fever hehehehe so didn't go. My god how pissed they were. And I'm grounded for the rest of the year meaning I cannot go to the class outing on Monday and they are going BOWLING/BOLWING (credits to ChengYap). Ughhhh my life is gonna suck.

And I somehow suddenly miss some people. & Ashfan's in Singaporeeeee! Too bad I'm grounded omg. Cannot go SG and talk talk talk talk talk talk to him ON THE GODDAMN PHONE.

Z -.-

Iffah Khaliesah.


9:56 PM
Yours truly.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Skin problem. SHIAT. Sensitive skin. Allergic to seawater. What kind of bullshit?! T.T.T.T" Went to Sentosa's Siloso Beach today with classmates todayyy. It was supposed to be a class outing, apparently some people are too.. sexist. Zzz.

Went with Vicky, Benetta, Victoria, Clarissa, Russell, Leroy, Nicholas & Cheng Yap. Not fun, cause we didn't swim as a group D: Boys were with boys, girls with girls. & Among the girls, only me and Benetta swam. Which I wasn't supposed to do -.- My skin, sensitive to seawater. Shiat.

At around 3 plus, we packed, & went around walking. Guys went north, girls went south -.-.-. Had icecream at the shack, whatever you call it, canopy blahblahblah. Then the boys found us, we took the tram, they walked. So got off the next station =.= &walked to the monorail station. Went back to Vivo planning to eat, argue here argue there, I got fed up, & went off to Jurong on my own. Tee-hee. -.- -'-

I'M OVER IT. WOOHOOOOOOOO!! Faster than the previous times k :)
Stop looking at me you bastard. HAHA. On the train, one perv. ZZ.

Iffah Khaliesah


5:01 AM
Yours truly.

Thursday, December 9, 2010
13; Moving on.

"I've moved on, don't try to reach for me if you're in trouble"

There's only one thing in my mind, studies. I want to accomplish my dream, which is to excel, and graduate with a phD. Who says it's impossible? I can, okay. I wish to travel the world, meet different people, understand their culture, and their behaviour. I wish to learn even more languages, so that I could converse easily with the people I meet. I wish to know a lot of things, and solve many problems.

They aren't impossible.

Iffah Khaliesah.


3:49 PM
Yours truly.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
11; Cos lately, they're not making any sense.

" Good luck in cheering me up, cos I'm really down hard "

Come on seh, I need a loooong break! Maybe forever! I don't like my life now. I needa change it. BADLY :( & Daddy said maybe migrating. Urghhh when?!

I've already put aside all my problems. I don't wanna think about it anymore :D Next year, at least getting into a GIRLS' school. Lesser trouble. People say, teens that got into a girls' school either become lesbians, or they commit suicide. Come on lah, only a percentage do that. And they don't treasure their life. I don't wanna go to hell -__- .

"Why do I bother in these kind of trouble anyway?"
-I'm washing my hands off them. Soon. I need some time to think :/

Imma wait till I get the next message. & I'm not doing anything today except comcomcom. Boring & pathetic, yes.

Reminder for tomorrow
  • Dayana's coming back from USA.
  • Siloso Beach, Sentosa with classmates.
  • PSLE Cert collection.
Iffah Khaliesah.

11:47 PM
Yours truly.

10.5; Listen up.

" & baby, you're the one & only thing on my mind "

See that quote up there? I really mean it. I'm a goddamn impulsive person. & cos of that, my left arm hurting. God knows what I did. &the title is 10.5, cos I deleted #10. For some bloody shitty reasons. & let me repeat again for the third time,

Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak
Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak
Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak
Idunwanbreak Idunwanbreak

There now I said it 22 times.
And I choreographed a dance for Just A Dream by Nelly. Wah damn random.

kthxbai. Iloveyou.

6:03 AM
Yours truly.

9; The saddest part.

"I opened my eyes, it was only just a dream"

I'm not in the mood. Just wanna post rubbish on my dead blog. I'm confused, whether it's left, or it's right. You'd think I'm mad. Confidential information. I'll rename as left & right. Ah fuck, don't talk bout this anymore lah.

"If you ever loved somebody, put your hands up"
-I'll chop my hands off, let them bleed, &throw them on the floor.




1:18 AM
Yours truly.

Sunday, December 5, 2010
7; You make me feel oh-so-special.

Yea, almost. Stupid truck la-.- Go so near for wad. Zz.

Woke up early in the morning~ To send my cousin, aunt & neighbour to work. & follow Daddy get some stuff from our old house. I miss it kay :( All my personal stuff gone, house tenant took it back to phil-.- Kaaayyyyy. So had breakfast at 7am, messaged ♥. Then stuff&stuff&stuff. Went back homeeee.

Bought prata for fam. Just realised I got fever T.T" As expected, cos I've not been sleeping enough & overworking myself. Z-Z-Z. Anarex, here I come. Gonna drug myself.

OH. Going to Batam w Daddy on the 26thDec ^^. &Daddy gave me his Kona bike! :D:D Mountain biking here I come~



7:33 PM
Yours truly.

6; Darn it.

"No comments No comments No comments No comments."

Loool. Today went cousin's wedding reception. Seriously I dunno anyone there except my cousin & fam :x. So eat Nasi Briyani & dessert, zomfg damn delicious k. Then take photos, sign guessbook, then off to Grandma's place.

At grandma's place. Chatted w Cousinnnn. He just came back from NS :D Then nothing to talk about, I took a nap. Lol, as if on cue, Leroy messaged me just as I wanted to wake up :D So chat here & there, went to meet my cousin&aunt, then go home. WTF k, 8 people in the car -_- Squeeze until cannot sleep-.-

Reached home, bathe&com. & staying up late as usual :D

Iffah Khaliesah.


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Yours truly.

Saturday, December 4, 2010
5; What goes around, comes around. (:

"When I say you're awesome, you really are."

Arlos peopos. I haven't been doing much, except for chat here & there lalala. & Staying up late w Leroy xD Very fun k, talk bout this & that. Rocks ttm.

Haiz, this is the problem when you have too many siblings. You spend time w one sib, the other sib cries cos you "spend time & favouritise" w the other one more. I'm having that problem -_-

Can't wait for this 7th ^^ Going bowling w Malay peeps~ Hope will be fun nor. Teeheeeee~

LMBAO - Laugh my brown/birdy ass off.
Leroy & my invention :) When he grows up, he wants to be an inventor for some particular stuff xD


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Yours truly.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
4; Thanks for the happy ending.

Chalet rocks! Esp when went swimming w Cheng Yap, Leroy, Nicholas, Russell, Daniel & Clarissa. Rockyoursocksandmine, ttm (: indescribable~

"Lol, if not for the car breakdown, I'll still be there attacking the food. Or wrestling Clarissa, fighting for the blanket xD OR maybe have supper w Samuel&Daniel."




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Yours truly.