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Saturday, September 24, 2011

hahaha hi friends.
obviously he left me.
he said he wanted to concentrate on his studies? i respected his decision.
moreover, EOYs coming. idw him to drop to NA ofcos.
moving on after loving a girl is harder than moving on after loving a guy.
honestly when he left me i didnt feel sad? yeah.
but when she left idk why i cried like no tomorrow.

only a girl thinks that i'm not lesbian even after saying those things.
now, i'm only praying and praying. i wish my grandma's doing fine.
i badly want her to see me graduate. EOYs coming, i want to make her proud.
but with all my commitments, i dun think so i can bah.
life is so hard now. i think when i grow up life will be hell on earth for me.
shall go do homework now. been procrastinating since forever.

look at how happy we used to be. only you can cheer me up.

9:59 PM
Yours truly.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hehe say hiiiiiiiiiiiii to my friends :)

Life is WONDERFUL. Even though I just lost someone I loved a lot, many told me to move on, and they helped me with that ^^ They occupied most of my time, having fun hanging out together, and that made up the time I used to spend with her. Mum told me to sit down and think of all the friends that I have, that will be there for me regardless of the conditions. Those people up there, yup, they'll be there for me :) Even when they don't want to lmao.

I'm blessed 
Thursday, went back to NCPS. Met Clarissa, Leroy and Nicholas at CP. Shared drink with Leroy >< Then he go lick Nic wtf. Reached NC about 12nn, wah shit can I just write this in point form? Tired.
-Leroy carried my bag all the way, then he ran off with my bag...
-Slacked at 7 backdoor woots.
-Saw Rusyaidi, I think he was asdfghjkl cos I put my arms around Leroy >< lol.
-Ran around NC freely, knowing the teachers and prefect cannot do anything/give me demerits \m/
-Ms Aina had sup til 4pm, we slacked in last year 6C class \m/ Blasted I Just Had Sex LMAO. Felix.
-Got bored then all 14 of us went to the playground spam photos and slack
-Went Pizza Hut with ms aina after that.
-Of course, Ms Aina pay la xD
- I love 6C.

hehe iloveyou stinkypig.

11:18 PM
Yours truly.