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Friday, February 18, 2011
Baby, I'm born this way.

" You can't change the way I am, unless I change myself "

Haven't been updating blog for frigging long time. Well I went out with ex-NCPSians. Went out with Elinda, Clarissa, Victoria, many more, plus Rusyaidi. Yeah. Haha. Nothing more to say.

Canoeing was tiring as usual. We went to the lanes, then suddenly Faz capsized, then only allowed to go to 500m mark lane. Kinda pissed off but never mind.

Today just found out that Rusyaidi got admitted to hospital. So after school I rushed to KK Hospital, to meet both mum and him. Didn't get to find his ward though. Now then I know, it's ward 85. Then again he mentioned that he was discharged at 1pm this afternoon.

Ashfan's coming to Singapore tomorrow morning because of the Bahrain Riots. Maybe going to the hospital. Meeting him and family. Aiyah should stop all this.

Now mum's at the hospital with Dad. Time check, 2.01am. Mum's at the delivery ward getting ready to give birth.

Iffah Khaliesah.


9:52 AM
Yours truly.

Saturday, February 12, 2011
I'm not perfect, but I keep trying♥


This year birthday, not much. Class bought cake for me (: They gave markers as birthday present, cos I fricking love those markers man. Some gave card, some just wished me happy birthday and hug me like one sotong liddat. ANYWAYYYYY.

Assssss I saw Rusyaidi la lol. Fvck man, I miss him damn much D: That was the only time, I could stare/look at him for a long time without getting caught. K la I sound like one fricking pervert but seriously that guy isafrickingraresight. His brown hair ahhh i miss playing with it. Kill me now i go ignore him he saw me also but i just kept walking like nobody's business D:

Today got 1-star Proficiency Course damn fun lah k. Well hahaha we got lost but nvm Hannah found us. Capsizing is funnn you get to not breathe for 10 seconds try that now i bet you cant hahahaha. Need to swim at least 100m, fishhh. Lin was like AHHHHHHH WAIT FOR ME I CANNOT SWIM PROPERLY!!!! hahahaha. We go splash water at her. Damn fun la tmr got one more session then I get the cert then can officially represent Crescent in competitions.

Iffah D'Khaliesah.


5:03 AM
Yours truly.

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Last words for my dearest people :)

Simply dedicated to some of the people I love and cherish :)

Wen Han
You never fail to make me smile everyday since the last two years. I remember there was a time where I cried in class, you came up to me and asked if everything was okay. I said no of course, and you told me some of your lame (but to me it's awesome) jokes and cheered me up. I won't forget the last day of Primary 6, you played with my phone non-stop & drained the battery, but I don't mind one bit. You took my camera and snapped random pictures and drained my memory space, but I didn't mind that too. You were the one I share my secrets with, and I know you kept it very well with you and you still do. You crazy little man, :) Sincerely, Banana.

Whoa, you the one who threatened to kill me with the penknife! Jahahaha but I know you were just playing around. I remember you had this ultra-squeaky voice. I love that voice very much, and I always mock you but you didn't mind. Once, you were there for me too. You told me not to care about her, and ignore her. I did of course. But now, there's no need to ignore her, she's my all-time-favourite Bun! Kay I have nothing much to say, just all the best in future. You won't read this anyway won't you :) Sincerely, Banana.


Youuuuu. Nothing much to say also. But yeah, I love the time when GVSI were together, we had so much fun and always laugh and joke around during recess. There was once where I laughed till I peed in my pants! *shhhhhhh. I admire Terrance's courage to confess to you, but you ignore him oh how could you hahahaha but nevermind. All the best in future, I love you! :) Sincerely, Iffah.

Last but not least,

Hey deaaaaar. You mean the universe to me! I know you won't read this but yeah, thanks for being there for me all this while, taking care of me, entertain my lame jokes, helping me when I'm in need. I appreciate all those, a lot. If I were to list down everything that you did for me in a book, I probably need thousands or those books. Even though, sometimes I break your heart, just so you know, I hope you know, that I don't mean it. Even though, sometimes I did something wrong and you'd scold me, I know you meant the best for me and you don't want me to be someone baaaaaad. I know sometimes you are just not in the mood to reply me. That doesn't mean you don't love me anymore righttt! I know you'll always do :) So yeah, too long already lah, you also know what I'm going to say. Meet up soon k love. Sincerely, Iffah Khaliesah.

P/S, I miss your midnight calls. Iloveyouuuuu.

So that's about all! I think so :/ There's so much more but I just wanna say it to these guys&ladies.

Iffah D'Khaliesah.


7:54 AM
Yours truly.

I miss you.

" 6C '10 - Once an NCian, always an NCian "

I miss those times, when we joke around in class.
I miss those times, when we mock one another, and laugh over it.
I miss those times, when we just laugh together as a class.

I'm afraid, we all can't do that anymore.

I miss people like Wen Han, Terrance, many more but yeah, they never fail to put a smile on my face, or just brighten my day :) YO PEEPS MEET UP SOON K.

Your 6C monitress,
Iffah D'Khaliesah.

1:47 AM
Yours truly.

Friday, February 4, 2011
Here we go, welcome to my funeral.

" I am so delusional, with every move I die "

No school like shit only. Stay at home gonggong. Camwhore here, camwhore there. Like no life. I ignored the daily routine, and eat eat eat. Cos lately, I damn sad. Dad working like no tomorrow, Mum trying to control the excruciating pain, siblings getting me fucked up. Shit right. I want to run away, some where far away from here, with all my loves. Or maybe just love. Shucks.

" If there's no sins in life, baby me and you, only God knows what'll happen to us. "

Iffah D'khaliesah.

1:49 AM
Yours truly.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
13♥ Je T'aime.

Dear diary,
I love my boyfriend. End of story. Bye.


Really, I love him very much. Best Chinese New Year's Eve ever. Can't wait till my birthday, maybe meeting up with him(: Or every Fridays. Hmm.

He's now at 7eleven. Waiting for him to come back (: He got something for me, and I got something for him yaaaaayy. *Psst, I got him a keychain for Valentine's, my school's I&E invention. I ordered I and R, he said he's taking the I and I'm taking R. I shall elaborate more about my school days :)


Yo peeps! How school omg mine is tiring like shit. I couldn't wake up. K end of story bye. CANOEING ROCKS.

Iffah D'Khaliesah.

6:47 AM
Yours truly.