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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ignore my 1st post's choice of secondary schools. REJECT.

I suddenly wanna eat nachos. Oh the cheeeese. They MELT in your mouth! :D

4:53 AM
Yours truly.

2; Class Chalet.

"Smile like everything's okay."

Yeah, imma do that. Coscoscos, Dad's gonna ground me if I don't clean my room, sparkly clean, before he gets home at night. Ahshtz. :/

Chose my secondary schools, Cedar followed by Crescent, Ngee Ann, XinMin, Hai Sing Catholic & Edgefield. Cedar please, preferrably. Hope can lah. Aggregate 251 (248+3), they dare reject me? :D Heeee. So I'm cleaning my room now, hoping to be done before midnight. Sigh. Anywayyyy, there's apparently a girl, who doesn't understand the meaning of,

I told her to get the dictionary and add an "I" between B and T in btch. And also for the STFU case, she might as well not know. I told her it's pronounced as "stufu".

And I found money$money$money while cleaning my room! HEEEEEE :D



4:42 AM
Yours truly.

Friday, November 26, 2010
1; Secondary school :/

1st - Cedar Girls'
2nd - CHIJ St. Nicholas
3rd - Crescent Girls'
4th - Tanjong Katong Girls'
5th - Edgefield Sec
6th - Jurong Sec

Yesterday, went out w 6C :) Nicholas, Russell, Daniel, Benjamin, Wen Cheng, Benjamin's brother, Vicky, Yu Hui, Yang Zhou, Ellen, Clarissa, Jia Hui, Benetta, Hui Qin, Hui Xin and me. Met up at CP, trained to Dhoby Ghaut. Bought tickets to watch The Next Three Days, all 16 ._. Then had brunchhh, walked around Carrefour, smuggle chips&drinks. HAHA.

So went to GV to watch. The movie.. quite boring lah. Then we laughing, a man told us to shut up -__- NO SENSE OF HUMOUR. -'- So end movie, walk around, went Make-A-Bear thing, sadly we didn't make one :/ Then separated, I went Raffles place :)

At Raffles Place. IT IS VERY FUN TO GET YOURSELF LOST IN RAFFLES PLACE. Lol, went from Raffles Xchange all the way to Esplanade and Marina Bay on foot. Surprisingly not tiring at all. So met w Aunt and cousin, bused to Malaysia :)

Nothing at all. Just stay home watch movies. x.x



9:49 PM
Yours truly.