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Sunday, June 5, 2011
you're all i want.

So fucking helpless.

Had a bad day. Dad doesn't understand me. His 7 year old daughter who can't even read fluently. And he's buying for her an iPad? She doesn't even know what start up is. What the fuck. She just passed her maths and she gets an iPad. I got A1 for my maths and all I got was congratulations. Dad, you should stop disappointing yourself. Stop having so high expectations on a useless daughter like me.

I want to run away. Run away to CCK. Mum's place. That's the only place in the world where I'll never cry. Mum will talk to me, listen to my problems, and advise me what to do. Dad? I wanted to talk to him, he doesn't even listen to me. He puts down my ideas, and he listens to my sister instead. Is she even useful? She can't even read and talk properly. I want mum. Mum's maybe the only person who can understand me. I bet Dad doesn't even know I'm having a hard time coping with my studies and CCA and friends. Not to mention the family.

Compared to Dad, Mum keeps her promises, she buys the stuff that I need, she listens to my problems, she doesn't nag, she'll be by my side until the second I fall asleep, she'll wake up at odd hours and ask me what's wrong, she won't scold me for whatever I do, she'll cook me the right meals, she won't ever blame me for the things I didn't do. I prefer mum to dad a gazillion times more. And just so you know I'm talking about my biological mum.

If I could, I'd really wish to see you right now. Even for a second.

5:21 AM
Yours truly.