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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
you're abnormal. and you're mine.

Just promise me you'll stay ^^

To be honest, I'm damn exhausted now, from the chaotic day today :( Slept at 3am last night, woke up at 5am, 2 hours of sleep. Went for training, partnered Bernice for K2.

Frances & Hannah - Didn't capsize at all.
Bernice & I - Capsized twice.
Jannah & Nicole - Capsized 9 times.
Mandy & Faz - Capsized 10+ times?
Brenda & Jia Ying - Capsized 32 times.

After that went running T.T 15 minutes straight.. Then after that wash up, rushed to school^^ Had dikir, clapped hands until my blisters got super red, then one of them bled. Then went to Bukit Merah Library find Frances and peeps, do project. I almost fall asleep while walking -.-

Went to Expo, met with Aunt and Uncle, then to fetch cousin from tuition, text Sayang~ I fell asleep waiting for her reply hehe :3

Tmr bby fetching me from school weeeeeeeee^^ #happygal98


7:30 AM
Yours truly.