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Sunday, June 12, 2011
you mean nothing to me, dont suddenly kpkb ~

how surprising

Today was nothing, completely nothing at all. I hate today in the matter of fact. Woke up, went to eat a little bit, THE RICE WAS LIKE FORKING SALTY. Went to cousin's, play Portal 2, then back online again. Mum forced me to eat dinner, I show attitude, she anyhow scold me. I sick still can scold. I left my plate there untouched, went up to my room, locked the door. Dad unlocked with the door key, ask if I okay, obviously I said no, then I asked him to leave.

Chat w Sayang, nothing much said. I was kinda pissed with some stuffs, thought Sayang notice it, but didn't. Hah, nvm. She went to sleep, I go read last year conversations again~ Cried and whatsoever, don't feel like talking about it.

Gonna have trouble sleeping tonight, I don't think anyone really care~ Out there, my cliques are like having fun, going out with their friends, going on vacations with their family, going out alone with their stead/crush/whoeverelse, here I am, rotting alone at home.. Even biological mum didn't leave a message or call me. I wonder what's with my family and people around me nowadays. I have a messed up confused family~ When school days, go out have fun, when holidays come, parents tell me study..

Shall off tpc now uh, 13 hours non-stop use. Timecheck now 1:41am, shall go roll in bed.

Baby, missing you damn freaking much ~

9:59 AM
Yours truly.