Hit that Rainbow
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011
what ever happened to us.

But you never were, didn't you? I see you everytime I dream^^

Watching Clannaaaaaaaad^^ After story only, the main story's like fucking long man. HAHA.
So yeap today woke up, watched a little bit of Clannad, the went out with family. On the way, sister said "What's that place with the big cock?" Like WTF. Skip.

I didn't get to buy the animal fur bag and high cut shoe just because brother was ranting to go home. And daddy said I was wasting money, like wtf also? I wanna use for school open derh, also cannot? Then buying shoe is not waste money ar? $100+ ley. -.-

Went back home, chat w Sayang. Tomorrow going beach with Cherylene, Phoebe and Frances. Sayang can't go... Sad. OHYA.

@liimegreeen: Wouldn't it be nice if we could celebrate our 10th month, together with my birthday? ^^ 10th's♥


I'll slowly close my eyes and sleep, and I shall wake up with you beside me. Yeah man.

4:27 AM
Yours truly.