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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
suckmydick, bitch.


Hey ;)
TODAYWASTOTALLYFUCKEDUP, I SWEAR. Firstly, training went okay, took K2 with PSYDUCKKKKK. Didn't capsize :D Then went for lunch at Tiong with Mandy Frances and Hannah. Text baby with Mandy's phone, not nice..
Dad spam-called, fuck I can't even hear anything, I called with Hannah's phone, he shout at me fml. YOU GIMME LOUSY PHONE AND YOU EXPECT IT TO FUNCTION LIKE SOME BB OR IPHONE. GOD :( I no more money, ezlink card also no money, you expect me to rush for what fuck -'-
Reached Jurong, he deesiao me, then he ask if he was too harsh on me just now, I said "hah and you think you weren't". His friend even told him to chill.

And yes I cried.

How can a daughter not cry after being rude to her dad? fml :|

Dad knew that I no mood at all, then he brought me out for lunch again. Realised I forgot tell bby that I going back home already :x HEH. Homed, bathe for 30 minutes \m/ Then now gonna do maths :) Sad tmr bby the group not joining mine.

forkmylife -.- Gonna do homework now. Bai.

5:13 AM
Yours truly.