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Saturday, June 18, 2011
last friday night.

connect the dots

Today so sad :( Kena woken up by cousin. She just came back from Melbourne/Sydney/Aussie. Came into my room without knocking :< I sleeping so unglamly HAHAHA. Washed up bathe blahblahblah then went to play game with cousin, still early so I thought bby still sleeping, end up when came back she went out go somewhere :(

Then went for dinner, kena so many mosquito bites on my ankle, go out for dinner like go for hiking sia. Then went to see people play kites at night, LED kites. I spent my time jumping around scratching the bites :/ Went home, bathe ~

Timecheck now 10:59, bby still not online :(( Is either: go out dinner/go out still haven't come back/go back home bathe then sleep/idk :( Hope she's okay~

Mental note:
-Cookie monster shirt
-Domo shirt
-Patrick shirt
-Starbucks shirt (white)
-Angry Birds piggie shirt
-Hello Kitty Tee
-New wallet
^Things to buy. Need to save $70 sigh T.T

7:35 AM
Yours truly.