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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
baby you're the best i ever had.

Bitch, with pretty flowers and my goddamn forking blessings ;)

Today was farked up~ Woke up at 4.30am, went Singapore. Walked all the way from cp to Clarissa's house, then walk back wtf. Had breakfast, like rubbish only. I felt like vomitting, idk what's wrong with me nowadays. Keep getting sick~

Went to Peranakan Museum, detoured to whatever place I don't give a flying fork to remember, fetch Angeline -.- She was late, we left her behind. Her mother go scold Li Yun.. THEN OUR TAXI GOT LOST, WTF. The fare until $10+, the taxi dumped us at the roadside, no need pay. Then Humaira' fetched us from whatever the forking hotel is.

Walk around, take pictures, got scared, went off. Went to Bugis, eat Pastamania, fcking hell lah, I wanted to vomit again. Gave Sheryl 1/4 of my serving, cannot tahan. Then walk around Bugis Street, me and Sayang dead alr~ So damn tired, idk why. Dragged her hahahaha. Saw Elinda and Julia, then walk off.

Sat outside Mac with Sayang like a total beggar. Wah that time I really wanted to cry, cos nowhere to go, I scared if I call mum, she'll totally be like !@*&%*#&!% I'm busy sorry cannot pick you up. Bleh. Unwanted daughter. Die.

Took the train, Sayang one side, I the other side. No mood. As expected, Sayang text me bwahahahar. Got down at Jurong, take the damn CW3 home -.- I slept all the way anyway HAHA. Continue sleep at home, not feeling well. I woke up with headache, flu and fever.

gg to me =) baiiiiiiiiiiiii.


6:14 AM
Yours truly.