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Saturday, June 25, 2011
baby lets run away tonight.


Haha idk how long I didn't update.

Thursday -
Had training. After that went to Tiong with Mandy and Frances to have lunch with baby and Li Yun. After that went to Zion whatever place, baby went home :( Balalalala have interview whatsoever.

Friday -
Went to Mac eat breakfast, morning call baby. Her just-woke-up voice damn cute ^^ Went to school with her, late for dikir :/ Clap clap clap shout shout shout until my hand pain and it felt as if I just slashed but no, my voice like a guy's. Spent my breaks with baby, she doing her project..

After dikir sent baby home, she lost her ezlink card T.T BALALALALALA walked around BPP, Lot and Compass Point. Can die lah. My prepaid $10 dropped to $3 texting Ilya. Nice. Stood all the way from Phoenix to Sengkang. ZAI ARH.

Stayed at home chiong homework with baby. Hah, now my face is tear-stained :(

Bai. I wanna dream the dream I had last night, it was damn awesome

3:24 AM
Yours truly.