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Thursday, June 2, 2011
baby don't worry~

Hey, feeling funny? ^^

Today kabooooooooooooooooooooooooomzxcxz. Shall start from SCRATCH.
Woke up at 4.30am, went back to sleep and cover blanket over my head HAHAHAHA. Mum shook me like mad, woke up at 5am. Rush bathe, went out at 5.15am. Dad went to work at 6.30am, I stayed in the car until 7.15am. Went to top-up my sister's prepaid, and draw out some cash for Dad.

Went to Sengkang for breakfast, half an hour breakfast HAHAHHAHA. Had Chng Teng. Or something like that. After that bused to Pasir Ris, took a slow walk under the bridge, then trained to Tampines. Walk here walk there, then trained to Bugis. Sayang replied me^^ Walked around Bugis for like 2 hours, my hips wanna break already lah. I REGRET NOT BUYING THE GEEK SPECS. Must buy before meeting the supplier HAHA.

Went to Tiong Bahru to meet Frances after that, then bought snacks. I literally grabbed everything I saw, I swear. Frances told me to put back. Bad lobster. Then waited for 50 minutes standing like retards outside Subway. Waited for Cherylene, Phoebe and her mom. Ate while waiting haha.


Reached ECP, then Phoebe's mum treated Burger King. Then Sayang suddenly can come~ So yeap waited. And waited. Aaaaaand waited. Until we played first. First wanted to make sand castles. Fail. Then play water. Fail. Then shuffled on sand. Pass. Then me and Frances cartwheeled like mad. Pass. Then we made balls out of sand. Pass. I spammed Phoebe's DSLR with 2382982308654 photos. Oooooops.

Nearly 5pm, we wanted to go off already, then Sayang came~ I shouted her full name lolol, I think everyone there looked at me :x Thanks to me the whole world now know her name weeeeeee~ Went and change, then Phoebe's mum drove us to Lot. We totally walked aimlessly there.

Saw Genevieve, then went walk again. Then met with the customer, collected money from her. Lucky I got $4 change. Then irritated Sayang. HAHA I think failed. Wanted her to send me all the way to Joo Koon lol~ But then she went her own way, then I went mine. What the fuck larhhh, I got the wooden name key chain at my bag, some bastard go disturb me -'-

Reached Joo Koon, waited for Aunt and her new car and Uncle with his usual Pearl White car. Like a boss. I ate Biskits and texted Sayang. HAHAHA. Went home, eat, bathe, online. Damn fucking tired now. Bye.

Love you aye. ^^


6:35 AM
Yours truly.