Hit that Rainbow
colours too dull and spammed with imperfection
Sunday, May 1, 2011
wish upon a star.

tmd. no mood. wtfuck, thanks to my ignorance, i never knew how poor my family is.
dad's thinking of moving back to singapore. but if we move back, it'll be

1. Letting go of the terrace house.
2. Losing the Car.
3. Losing the motorbike.
4, Losing the freedom.
5. Staying in a 2-room flat with 7 family members.
6. Not having my own room I swear I'll kill myself.

going swimming tomorrow. maybe i should just drown myself, yeah? haha. thanks to the ruler for not being sharp enough. fuck this shit :(

P/s, I'm really sorry.

11:34 PM
Yours truly.