Hit that Rainbow
colours too dull and spammed with imperfection
Monday, May 16, 2011

" Right here, right now "

School today. Point form okayyy.

Made rockets, paired up with Sayang~
Kinda no mood, so didn't talk to sayang, scared I accidentally say something bad.
Sayang thought I ignore her T.T

After school dismiss at 1, went for lunch. Sam, Phoebe, Cherylene, Jessica, Khairun Nisa, Frances they all go play Kinect. At first sat beside Sayang, watch them play, I got damn tired so went to sleeeeeeeeeeep. Woah, 15 minutes also can fall into deep sleep sia. Sayang behind me, keep shhhhhhhh-ing people :')

Went for the malay drama workshop. I was like going- half asleep.. eyes closing.. -EYESCLOSED- friend wake me up.. *repeat process* during the workshop. Texted sayang, never reply until the end of the workshop *~*

Went home at 6, damn tired. Planned to sleep for like one hour, wake up at 7, but in the end woke up at 9 -.- Sayang still online, so yeah (: She thought something happened to me .. Now chatting with her~


7:00 AM
Yours truly.