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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

" You'll lose that someone, if you don't put your heart and soul loving him/her "

That's why ;)
Okay. Schooled, then had interhouse games. Bronte was leading, then suddenly became the last.. Gosh lol. I rock at the pull down your pants game la. Keep pulling and pulling ^^ That minah collected like so damn many already, I creep from the back, snatch all WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ I was like holding a bunch and my pants can't fit them anymore boohoo.

Haha that minah damn epic today. I smacked her face with the long leaf. She said thanks and I said welcome. She asked who snatched all the sashes during the game, I shouted MEEEEEEEEEE! She wanted to give me a punch in the face but teacher arrived. HAHA.

After that was the MT enrichment thingy. Then the poem. Sat with sayang^^ I kept staring at her, playing with the lime green plaster. This pabobaby, self entertainment. The blood damn scary leh >< I hate the sight of blood. Lolol keep nagging at her not to play with the plaster. HAHA. I damn zai eh at nagging. Riiiiiight? MUAHAHAHAHA.


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