Hit that Rainbow
colours too dull and spammed with imperfection
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
now they're gone and you wished you could give them everything.

"Hey, need you now"

Dear angels, hear me. Don't make her sick, okay? She's having her Maths paper tomorrow, I want her to have a clear mind, and not bothered with anything else. I want the cheerful her back, not the sniff-every-ten-seconds her. I feel sad when she's sick. It must've been cause of me. Dear angels, fulfill my wish.

Haha I'm sick too. Went to school with a temperature of 38.2, stupid iOK say it's normal wtf. It was Sayang and my first month, hm, both of us sick.. Cheeky uh, put present in my baaaaaag. I didn't have time >:( I feel damn disappointed. Gonna give one day later than the actually day which is today and I don't farking know what the shit I'm talking about.


Had Comm Arts paper today, damn epic, Sayang wrote her Primary School register number, which was mine now (Y) Damn awkward also, people gave me and her the "wtfuck?!" face. Run here run there, collect class tee, I FELL AND THE PEOPLE THERE LAUGHED AT ME _|_


Sayang had her HCL Paper 2, I waited for her :) Sat in the canteen, only like 6 people were there? I keep spamming buy food, first was swiss roll, then toast, then cupcake, then the glutinous rice thingy, then bought H2O. Then Chrysanthemum tea. HEAVEN. 2.5 hours in the canteen, damn shiok, the canteen was super cold. But still noisy even though there's only like 6 people -.- Tried studying maths, but failed. Sayang finished her paper, and off we go homeeee.

Sayangg, Happy first month, get well soon♥

4:40 AM
Yours truly.