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Thursday, May 19, 2011
Hey, you mean the world to me :)

" Everytime I think about giving up, I'll remember my promise of holding on "

Schooled. Went to check papers. C5, C6, D7. Now waiting for Mother Tongue. Hoping for A1. Please la eh, if not I get more than 18 points, SIAO.

Cried like shit when I knew my maths marks, Sayang and others went to comfort me. Sayang keep rocking me back and forth telling me "Don't cry already laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh" and "WHY YOU START CRYING AGAIN?!?!?!" HAHA. Nuclear bomb :P

Went to Tiong after school, to get Ms Tee's present and cake. I was damn hyper at first, but I have no idea why, suddenly start my craps, become moody. I feel bad when I hit my hand purposely against the railings, Sayang gave me that one strange look, I can see it in her eyes, she's angry/annoyed/pissed :( Kay damn sad.

Went back to school for MT Enrichment. Waste time nia. Phone spoilt, go home, eat.


5:20 AM
Yours truly.