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Friday, May 13, 2011
Hey, I can't live without you :)

Going crazy :')

Haha kay listening to Se7en - I'm going crazy nowww. Getting emotional ._.

13th May 2011
I went swimming~ Kay I did a lot of progress :)
First swimming session - I couldn't swim properly, can't even complete half a lap.
Second swimming session - Can swim properly, complete at least one lap.
Third swimming session - Swim properly, completed 10 laps.

When I swam, I thought of 6C & Sayanggg, hehe to distract me away from the pain/nauseousness. I will forever remember the asshole who kicked and smacked my head when I was swimming. Asshole sia -'- Kay, next time when I swim, I'm going to the competition pool. Cannot tahan the minahs and mats at the 1.40m pool. Zzz.

Sayang went out with Brenda, Cherylene, Phoebe, Louisa and Clara. Haha damn funny eh how she describe how irritating #2 was. That kind of bitches~ Trying to steal my sayang? Try harder ;)

At night, chatted with Sayang ~ Muahahaha, this babyyy~ Love her :)


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