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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

" You're just jealous "

Haha hey peeps. Had my HMT Paper 1, I think it went quite well. Can score around, 82/90? HEHEHEHE. I really really reaaaaally felt scared for the first time, during Comm Arts. Sayang keep changing places lol ^^

Recess, damn crowded, so yeah didn't eat even though my stomach was literally digesting itself -.- Went for PE, sayang sabo me... After PE I got dismissed then like 2 hours on my own revising heh. I'm sucha good good girl.

After paper, haha I got damn lazy so carried my bag at my tummy. In front of me got this CHIJ girls holding hands o-o Awkwarddd. So yeah, walk walk walk then turn then I got scared la lololol. Sayang behind the pillar :) Talked to her, wanted to send her home, but she with Cherylene so nah... Anyway dad doesn't know the way to CCK hahahaha.

Gonna revise HMT noww, okayy bye :)

-I just wanna hold you again, just once more..

4:37 AM
Yours truly.