Hit that Rainbow
colours too dull and spammed with imperfection
Sunday, May 29, 2011
baby hold my hand, and never let go.

I miss those times.

Hi me is sadgalx98. My sister finished my butter cookies. Omfg.
I'm starting to miss some people already D: Leroy's one of them wtf. I know it's over, but.. yeah. I miss going to Ehub with him. He'll cuddle so close. D:


Hi. My name is Iffah Khaliesah and I am the saddest girl on the planet right now. I want my buttercookies. I have trouble sleeping these days, and yup yesterday was the freakiest night even though I like the dream that went with it. I saw it :( I fricking saw it :(

I want my lollipop.
I want my cookie.
I want my Vans.
I want my Ray Bans.
I want my Gucci.

Fairygodmother, can you bring me these?


5:15 AM
Yours truly.