Hit that Rainbow
colours too dull and spammed with imperfection
Friday, May 27, 2011
baby, gimme your best shot.

Don't leave me out.

Schooled, clean classroom, felt tempted, but didn't, went for leadership camp, slack w Sayang, Phoebe and Cherylene, read books lolol.

I forgot what the hell happened today, I think cause of my headache now.. OHYA. Haha. Kay shit I forgot again WTF IS THIS MAN JKDFBKWJFBKJEBFKJRWBF. AHHHH! REMEMBER LERH.

Went to Lot, then go up go down go left go right. Kiddy Palace^^ Then we went separate ways, I kinda pissed off lolol. Walk one round in Smiggle, wanted to buy that green pencil case, but bloody hell I don't wanna use my $30 lol. Then trained to JP^^

Walked around, wanted to buy the Art Box bag, but it's like $29.90 HAHA I don't want that 10 cents change. So yeap walked around again SAW THIS SUPER FRICKING CUTE PENKNIFE, HAHA HELLO KITTY. I STRAIGHT AWAY GO BUY HAHAHAHHAHAHAA. Damn sharp~ Gonna love that penknife til I lose it haha. Reminds me, God knows how many penknife my form teacher confiscated last year. 15+ ? LOL.

Went Joo Koon, meet aunt, go Dinner, then home~


7:06 AM
Yours truly.