Hit that Rainbow
colours too dull and spammed with imperfection
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
I die a little inside when you mention her name.

A day spent at Bedok Reservoir.. LITERALLY. Super sleepy, I go sleep with Jolene (hehe senior) on the canvas. Mugged on Algebra, it sucks like shit tell you.

Anyway also spent the whole day texting/calling Zhi Ying. I bring my phone literally EVERYWHERE. Carry boat, cheer, mugging Algebra, yeah you get it. Sleep also must hold phone in hand hehe :x

Sad for my buddy man.. Ok uh shan't elaborate.

This post so formal. HEHE ok I shall rush things up abit time for more fricking Algebra. Spent my day with Mandy and Frances. Stuck up girl tried being an attention seeker. More like noob. GOSH.

I can't imagine that bitch on stage. I can totally puke. Well I did heheh.

Iffah Khaliesah.

5:56 AM
Yours truly.