Hit that Rainbow
colours too dull and spammed with imperfection
Friday, February 4, 2011
Here we go, welcome to my funeral.

" I am so delusional, with every move I die "

No school like shit only. Stay at home gonggong. Camwhore here, camwhore there. Like no life. I ignored the daily routine, and eat eat eat. Cos lately, I damn sad. Dad working like no tomorrow, Mum trying to control the excruciating pain, siblings getting me fucked up. Shit right. I want to run away, some where far away from here, with all my loves. Or maybe just love. Shucks.

" If there's no sins in life, baby me and you, only God knows what'll happen to us. "

Iffah D'khaliesah.

1:49 AM
Yours truly.