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Friday, February 18, 2011
Baby, I'm born this way.

" You can't change the way I am, unless I change myself "

Haven't been updating blog for frigging long time. Well I went out with ex-NCPSians. Went out with Elinda, Clarissa, Victoria, many more, plus Rusyaidi. Yeah. Haha. Nothing more to say.

Canoeing was tiring as usual. We went to the lanes, then suddenly Faz capsized, then only allowed to go to 500m mark lane. Kinda pissed off but never mind.

Today just found out that Rusyaidi got admitted to hospital. So after school I rushed to KK Hospital, to meet both mum and him. Didn't get to find his ward though. Now then I know, it's ward 85. Then again he mentioned that he was discharged at 1pm this afternoon.

Ashfan's coming to Singapore tomorrow morning because of the Bahrain Riots. Maybe going to the hospital. Meeting him and family. Aiyah should stop all this.

Now mum's at the hospital with Dad. Time check, 2.01am. Mum's at the delivery ward getting ready to give birth.

Iffah Khaliesah.


9:52 AM
Yours truly.