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Monday, January 17, 2011
What am I to you?

" Maybe just someone you met "

Yesterday, damn coooool. It's like back to primary school days, seriously.
Schooled, paid attention in Geography Class. Cos, there's an assignment coming up, and I can't afford to fail it. But I'm getting myself ready to fail History. I suck at it.

After school, went down to Compass Point, texting Danish from Pei Hwa. My senior^^. Chat chat chat, then reach CP, meet up with Clarissa aka Bun & Victoria. LOL, went to KFC, then saw Clara. Hugged her. Then saw Satees, Aaron & Nata. Hug Nata. Then went to Mac, nobody there except boys who stare. Then went up to Kopitiam, saw The Twins. Ate at Kopitiam, chatchatchat, text Leroy, then I got sick. Keep sneezing like what vacuum cleaner.

Then went library teach my sister. Help Vic do her Science. Then went off, meet uncle, go to Ikea. Right when I reach Ikea, Rusyaidi sms me. I was texting Faz & Clarissa. So total texting 3 people like mad, -.- So lol, stop sms-ing Faz & Clarissa. Sms R all the waaaay. Ohmy, both of us transferring to Pei Hwa. LOL. & he got into Badminton. Shocked me sia. Then he gotta go, he want to play badminton. So ya. Then sms Elinda. Then sms Syahmi. Then conference call with Elinda & Syahmi.

LOL, I forgot that I merge call already, I go stupidly say "Elinda, I sick ley, I cannot talk". Then she scream. Stupid me, :( So theeeen talk talk talk. Syah's voice damn deep o.o Blah blah blah. Hung up, sms only. Cos I really cannot talk, starting to sneeze like vacuum cleaner again.

Hope all 4 of us, get promoted to 2E2 next year :) See you soon in Pei Hwa :DD

Iffah Khaliesah.


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