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Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Once upon a fairytale.

" Cos not everything in 'reality' is real "

Aiyah, okay lah, school damn fun. Late for class again. Teacher also don't care. Then had 1/4 FITT Run. Holy frick it was tiring k. And some more it was hot. LOLOL the girls say I damn hot ;) HAHAHA.

After PE had Class Comm Voting. I didn't want to be Chairman. So didn't try. Tried out for Vice-Chair. YAY. Got it. hahahaha. Nice.

After school, went MRT station with Faz, then saw accident. Omg two cars & a motorcycle D: Ambulance came, then rain -.-

Late to meet Daddy at Compass Point. And and, LOLOLOL just now morning, met Faz at Redhill. Saw her, then waved at her. The boy in front of her, thought I wave at him. Then all the way until the exit he smile at me like some idiot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. x')

Booo, you don't know how I feel.

Iffah Khaliesah.

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