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Saturday, January 8, 2011
A new chapter in life.

" We will still be friends forever "

Well secondary school isn't that bad. I finished my first week. It was awesome. Hehhee. Let's talk about yesterday. It's gonna be damn long.

I went to school as usual, but Dad couldn't send me, so Uncle did. Took the train, wow, didn't feel like sleeping. So smsed Dayana (yes, in the morning at 6) and chatted until I reached school. Reached, I wanted to write a letter to Ms Tee but not enough time. So, just slacked with other girls. And then it was assembly. Went down, there was a talk about lab safety & School rules part 2. Listened, blahblahblah, then PE. Ms Tee brought us around the school.
Then briefing about something, then recess. Ate with Faz, Humaira' & some others. Skip this part until end of school.
Had lunch with Faz, Humaira', Ellysha (idk how spell her name :( ), Alya. Lol & got to know what CCA I got. CANOEING(: With Faz! hahaha so CCA Open House, went around for 2 hours, kena pulled by NCC & NPCC. Both is awesome k. haha. Then had Cheer training.
Went out of school & went to the mosque to pray. 5pm came back to school. Then rushed take bags and went to eat dinner. Well. Queue too long so only bought drink. Used Faz's iPhone go fb again hehehe.
Then it was the CAMPFIRE(: Fun lah, cheer & sing. Then RAIN T.T" So whole cohort rushed to the ISH, still got fire in the middle. Hahaha we danced and jumped like no tomorrow one, so damn fun. Hahaha yesyes, like clubbing. Lights off. Music 100% Volume. Omg really wished you're there.
Aunt keep calling me on phone, but I didn't pick up. So ended at around 9pm, then called her. She said "Urgent, rush to Redhill MRT Station now" So I rushed. Reached there, meet her, just to know that my dad admitted to the hospital. Cried all the way on the train, I don't care who look at me whatsoever. Mum called me, then told me not to cry. But I cried even more. Then I hung up on her. I was sobbing lah. Cannot tahan, I call Rusyaidi. LOL. Nothing better to do. 5 ringings, then hung up.
Reached hospital, still crying. LOL. Tried to eat, while texting mum. Then wait one hour, tried calling Rusyaidi again. Hahaha enough of him. Then daddy came out. GOSH, he looks damn tired & sick. Cried upon seeing him, :(
I persuaded him to stay in the hospital for one more night, but he refused. Again and again. He still refused. Sighh, so brought him home. So happy to know that Dad's okay.
Reached home, wash up, sleep. Didn't eat supper. Hehehe now I'm starving. I shall get myself Fried Rice.

Iffah Khaliesah.

P/S; The reason I didn't call you is because, I'm scared you'd just be "Lol." when I tell you I'm crying, this & that. It'll just hurt me further.

1:42 AM
Yours truly.