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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
I'll try my best, not to run away from reality.

" I'd wonder where love go "

Yesterday, damn sad wtf omg. I fell (cos senior kinda pushed me) then one big hole injury on my left knee. Washing the blood off, then got one senior also playing the piano, playing sad song. I, crying from the injury, cried more listening to the song-.- Two teachers & 7+ seniors ask me if I'm okay, then I say okay, nothing much. LOL I dunwan be crazy tell them I thinking bout Didi right.

Then after training went to Jurong with Faz at around 6+. Then I went to the library, wait for my aunt. Fuck sia wait for like 4 hours. 10.40pm, then she come. Rushed home.

Morning wake up, fudge the bleeding still haven't stop and I can't get out of bed. So didn't go to school. Now at 2.31pm also the bleeding haven't stop. I losing too much blood, lol. I may faint. hahah.

Mum and dad went to the hospital this morning, cos mum had some contractions. Until now still haven't come back. Dad say maybe mum giving birth, zomg. Now I taking care of siblings at home.

Baby, I miss you. See you soon love.

Iffah D'Khaliesah.

10:02 PM
Yours truly.