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Saturday, January 15, 2011
I can't give up just yet

" You just mean a lot to me "

Omg crying D: Idk why, suddenly I remembered my painful past. From the day mum left dad, mum didn't want me and left me with dad, and left the house with only 2 bags containing my stuff. I was 2 years old only then :'( Now I'm just like someone adopted in another family. An unwanted daughter. I miss dad & mum. Daddy's now sick. Mum's now doing I dunno what. How pathetic am I, I don't even know how to spell my mum's name. No wonder she didn't want me.

Why is the whole world crashing down on me? Why only now? Am I really that unwanted?

Is everything really my fault? Was it my fault dad & mum separated? I don't know. Now mum's texting me even more, calling me Princess and etc. I still don't understand why she left dad if she loves me. I feel like transferring school, cos being in Crescent Girls' reminds me of mum. And in Crescent's the place where I always put on my fake smile. I never smiled willingly since the day I became a Crescentian.

There'd been stories that Dad told me. When he was away for work last time, mum would torture me. She'd beat me hard, scold bad words, hit me with objects, treat me like a rag doll. I couldn't just believe that. She sounds like a nice woman. My mum was never bad.

I love you, mum & dad.

Your daughter.

1:05 AM
Yours truly.