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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Besides canoeing, I love Fuzzy very much :D

Yayyyyy! I shall make a very important descision now. I hereby declare, to turn down the offer to enter SKSS. I love it in Crescent. Okay, even though I met some lesbians, thank God they're not from my class. hahaha. So as per normal I shall do it in point form.
  • CCA Sports Trial.
  • Went to the hockey station. Didn't get chosen.
  • Went to the Netball station. Didn't get chosen.
  • Went to the T&F station. Didn't get chosen, I was just 1sec away.
  • Went to the Softball station. GOT CHOSEN. My second choice, ^^V
  • Lol my teacher scolded us for not smiling at her.
  • Went to the Badminton Station. Almost got chosen but coach changed his damn mind.
  • Went to SBJ Station. Highest record :D 173cm.
  • Gathered at hall. blahblahblah talk again. Then Lunch. Ate with Jannah.
  • Went back to class. Copy schedule.
  • Class bonding time. Had a talk with teacher, damn funny sia!
  • 1.35pm, bade farewell to friends, went for Canoeing.
  • Me, Fuzzy, Cherylene, Cloud (idkhername but I call her cloud and she responds), Frances, Carmen, from 1C1 to go Canoeing :D
  • Me, Fuzzy and Frances had fun at the back of the bus^^ Laugh & Joke & AIYAHHHHH.
  • Fuzzy applied too much sunblock and she got whiter than usual, xD
  • Got into Group 1 for Canoeing, so went first.
  • Then Group 2...
  • THEN RESULTS. Me & Fuzzy got into Rank 1 :D Not bad for first-timers.
  • Went to toilet, whole cohort of canoe-ers. Bathe & change.
  • Wait for the damn bus. Ate & Facebook. Hahaha using Fuzzy's iPhone.
  • Finally got into the bus, then take candid shots of Fuzzy.
  • Back in school, search for the toilet with Fuzzy.
  • Dad reached school at 5.45pm, fetch me and Fuzzy. Sent her home :)
  • Ate KFC. Home. Now comping. hahahah. Okay.
looking forward to tomorrow's iQuest. Tour around the school. I MISS FUZZYYYYY.

Iffah Khaliesah.

4:13 AM
Yours truly.