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Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Being a part of the Crescentian Family.

Tired ttm, so I shall just list them in point form. Gonna be quite long.
  • My form teacher is the Discipline Mistress -.- Goodluck to me hahaha.
  • Register Number 11 ._____.
  • Didn't eat for Recess, zomfg by 11am I was hungry like shiat.
  • Sat in the hall for 2.5 hours, I slept. Luckily have my specs, they can't detect xD
  • Lol first day of school, I already owe the teacher stuff.
  • Had lunch with the seniors! WAH, damn friendly today, not like Regi Day.
  • Got lost in the school finding the classroom after lunch. Damn I was late.
  • Reached the classroom, omg 4th floor, but have the overview of Redhill.
  • The first thing that got me was Audrey. She attacked me asking for 50cents.
  • Then we had Icebreaker Games. I got tangled and twisted my arm. Shits like hell.
  • Did some Admin work, hahaha.
  • Then the autograph bingo, I didn't win -.-
  • Learnt the Crescent Cheer. F^CK I WAS IN THE GEEK-NERD GROUP.
  • Partner time, I was stuck with the class bully. Goodluck to me again, (:
  • Made a few friends, I still didn't talk until I was asked a question.
  • I seriously can't wait until Orientation's over. I wanna study. z.
  • I miss NC's & Coral's food. Like Cedar, Crescent's food suck.
  • Every turn I make, they'll sure to ask for money to pay for stuff -.-
  • I think I'm going to be broke soon, :O
  • Lol after school went to compass point meet daddy.
  • ZOOOOOOOM go home.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Canoeing Sports Trial, :)

Iffah Khaliesah.

4:57 AM
Yours truly.