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Friday, December 31, 2010

To my dear 'TheDude', the fake one,

Ohmy, I think you're confused. You don't even know if you're a Dude or a Dudette! Yes, may I help you bitch? I didn't say I'm thin, I asked whether I'm thin. I'm not a dog, I'm not even allowed to touch dogs, be it being one? They have small cages in SPCA, you said it's a big joke when I said I'm thin when I didn't, right? So one could deduce that I'm big-sized, therefore I can't fit in the SPCA cage. By the way fothermucker,

Dog = mammal.
Mammal = have fur.
Iffah does NOT have fur.

Well doesn't mean I'm not a mammal, but certainly I'm not a dog. Dogs have tails, but I don't. Therefore another reason why I'm not and can't be a dog. And yes, you said something about me having many ex-es? Yes, I have 5 ex-es. You only have 2. Means your unlikeable. Pity.

Okay, enough talking about you, you're just worthless. Aiming for Anderson, wow, the cut-off point from your aggregate, quite a big gap. & you still want to argue, saying that you will make it through NCHS. Oh my, they rejected you! I know, Cedar rejected me, but it's because I turned down the appeal. Hm, you're happy because your uniform is above your knee. Wow-oh-wow, SHOW SHOW SHOW. Peep show. Wow, so.. "wonderful".

Bye fothermucker, we're not in the same school anyway. & I'm not looking forward to transfer to your school, CVSS, even though he's there. I rather be in Crescent, my mum's old school. Oh my, I've gone too far haven't I? Don't worry, we won't see each other anymore, & you don't have the chance to even slap my face. Alamak, I seriously pity you eh.

Who else uses "pathetic" often & calls me WOMAN? You.

Iffah Khaliesah.
Don't forget my hugs & kisses. They're very nice.

12:46 AM
Yours truly.