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Sunday, December 5, 2010
6; Darn it.

"No comments No comments No comments No comments."

Loool. Today went cousin's wedding reception. Seriously I dunno anyone there except my cousin & fam :x. So eat Nasi Briyani & dessert, zomfg damn delicious k. Then take photos, sign guessbook, then off to Grandma's place.

At grandma's place. Chatted w Cousinnnn. He just came back from NS :D Then nothing to talk about, I took a nap. Lol, as if on cue, Leroy messaged me just as I wanted to wake up :D So chat here & there, went to meet my cousin&aunt, then go home. WTF k, 8 people in the car -_- Squeeze until cannot sleep-.-

Reached home, bathe&com. & staying up late as usual :D

Iffah Khaliesah.


8:16 AM
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