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Sunday, December 26, 2010
27; If I become a shopper for a day ,

" I throw and spend all my money as if they are monopoly bucks . "

Went to Batammm. Left house at 5.15am, and I was at Vivo at 6.10am-.- Lol damn early, so walked around Vivo. I was the only one there xD Then waited for uncle, then off to Batam on ferry with sister, dad & aunt. I was bored for the first half and hour, so texted him that I was on board. Didn't reply. Heh.

Reached there, uncle's wife (my aunt), picked us up from the ferry terminal. Lol I fell asleep in the car. Damn tired from the one hour ferry ride. About 10 minutes, reached uncle's house. OMG I SAW THE BABY OH HE WAS DAMNNNNNN CUTE! He was fair, he was delicate, he was oh-so-perfect. He's only a month old :D. I love Aidil Rafif Bachtiar xD

Got bored after an hour, so told Uncle to drive me to the mall & shopppp. OMG SIA. Everything so nice, and cheap! 6820 rupiah = 1 Singapore Dollar. So walked around, these are the stuff that I bought:
  • LV Wallet
  • Burberry Wallet
  • Random awesome wallet
  • Parker Pen xD
  • Puma watch
  • Necklace with a pendant made of polished ____ bone. idk.
  • Anna Sui wallet
  • Random watch
  • Beach slippers
  • 2 watches for my sisterrrrr
Wanted to buy at least something for but idk what to gettt D: Scared later buy something, he dunlike. Heheh. .__________. So total spent around 350,000 rupiah? $51.31964809384 Singapore dollars. WORTH ITTT. & I like the necklace. Heeeeeeh. Always wanted that. (Y)

Went back to uncle's house at around 2.30pm, attend Aidil's ceremony, then eat lunch. At 3pm, went to the ferry terminal, then continue second round of shopping. I bought these stuffs.
  • Engraved burn-wood name keychain.
  • Flower hair clip for sister.
  • Another LV wallet.
  • A shirt for brother.
  • Massaging thingy for dad :D
Spent around 150,000 rupiah. Around $22 lah. At 5pm, boarded the ferry & went back homeee. Reached JB around 10pm. Tired like I wanna die man.

Spent 500,000 rupiah. Like monopoly bucks. xD

Iffah Khaliesah.


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