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Thursday, December 23, 2010
24; I wished you were there with me.

" Because without you , I'm lost "

Being in Crescent Girls' School for a day - SCARY.
1) I'm in first class -__-" &My classmates, damn proud/arrogant/hao lian. -.-
2) The seniors today, veryyyyy kind. TOO kind to be precise.
3) Everyone had a seat & a partner for themselves. I was a loner. I sat ALONE.
4) Suddenly soooo many girls in the class. 45 girls -.-
5) I became Little Miss Shy. I DIDN'T TALK TO ANYONE AT ALL. ._.
6) Somehow I am the only NC-ian that got into Crescent Girls'. T.T"
7) I'm in my mum's old school. Means, THE SCHOOL DAMN OLD. The tables&chairs, old. Lucky the food isn't old.
8) The hall damn small. Claustrophobic. Ergghhhhh.

Seriously, I wanna change school. Appealed to Cedar. High chance I can't get in -.- I wanna go neighbourhood school, Punggol/Pei Hwa/ Compassvale/Edgefield. Damnnnn shouldn't have chosen girls' school. Of all the people, my life has to suck the most.

Iffah Khaliesah.


6:12 AM
Yours truly.