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Sunday, December 19, 2010
21; Be prepared.

" Expect the unexpected "

Woohooo he's backkk :D I woke up at 11am, checked Facebook. Then yayyyy. Ho. So uh, watching tv nowww. Seriously there's nothing to do at home. I'm stuck-.- Mum also complaining.

Mum: Eh, I getting sick and tired watching you at home, on the computer all day long. Not bored ah? Go out with your friends la.
Me: Not my fault lah. You go ask papa whether he allow me go out. Surely he say no chance one lah ._.
Mum: wah, you challenge me eh. Okay okay, I'll ask papa. If he say can, watch out ah.

Wa. If he say can also. Idk where go. hhahaa.

Iffah Khaliesah.


1:11 AM
Yours truly.