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Friday, December 17, 2010
20; Cherish everything you have.

" You wouldn't know when you're gonna lose them . "

Hehe I was up tumblring yesterday night.. Got some awesome pictures eh. Hehe. Teehee. Haha. Wtf. -.-

Okayyy so yesterday. Wasn't really in a good mood. Today's Saturday 18th Dec btw. 4 more days to school posting results. I seriously got a strange feeling I won't make it to Cedar. Rumoured that the cop would rise to 250, cos of the IP. Well I got 248, too bad can't plus the hmt -.- Or not 251 and I'm qualifieddddd :D Z. Ugh don't tell me I'm gonna be in crescent. Mom's old school.

Wah I damn sleepy now. It's only like 9.13am. I woke up cos I had no mood to sleep. =.= Wah I have the sudden urge to swim in the sea again hahaha. Very nice okay swim there :D


Iffah khaliesah.


4:49 PM
Yours truly.