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Monday, December 13, 2010
16; Don't let me go.

" Cos I love the way you hold me . "

OH TODAY. I LOVE TODAY. ROCKS-TO-THE-FRIGGING-MAX. Bowling then Bumper Car-ing four/five times, then block catching. I love block catching the most. Cos of some, no, a LOT of special reasons

I scored 73. Kay, noob lahs. I think I was second, if not mistaken. Or not first :) Leroy, me & Nic, first second third. For the first 4 throws, I only scored 5 -.- Then subsequently getting spare spare spare. Then at last, TA-DAAAA. 73. Loll. :D

They totally rock! 7mins for $6, quite worth it lahs. My first round, was with Leroy & Nic. Awesome \m/. Took damn lots of pictures, maybe posting it on Facebook sooner or later. & I keep getting my head knocked on the side of the head rest. Damn pain -.- Then we went for a few more rounds. Funnnnnnnnn :D

Block catching!
Hahaha awesomest catching thingy I ever played. First went to block 240, then idk what block, then go carpark :D Very fun kay, cos go up & down, trying to find the boys :) At the carpark, more fun. Even though easy catch, I hid in a corner. LOL. & ohmyweeeee~ So sweet kay. HOHO x)

Texted Leroy afterwards :) Sho shweeeeeet

Going Singapore tomorrow morninggg. Supposed to go for a swim but then I can't -.- Some reasons.

Iffah Khaliesah.


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