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Friday, December 10, 2010


Skin problem. SHIAT. Sensitive skin. Allergic to seawater. What kind of bullshit?! T.T.T.T" Went to Sentosa's Siloso Beach today with classmates todayyy. It was supposed to be a class outing, apparently some people are too.. sexist. Zzz.

Went with Vicky, Benetta, Victoria, Clarissa, Russell, Leroy, Nicholas & Cheng Yap. Not fun, cause we didn't swim as a group D: Boys were with boys, girls with girls. & Among the girls, only me and Benetta swam. Which I wasn't supposed to do -.- My skin, sensitive to seawater. Shiat.

At around 3 plus, we packed, & went around walking. Guys went north, girls went south -.-.-. Had icecream at the shack, whatever you call it, canopy blahblahblah. Then the boys found us, we took the tram, they walked. So got off the next station =.= &walked to the monorail station. Went back to Vivo planning to eat, argue here argue there, I got fed up, & went off to Jurong on my own. Tee-hee. -.- -'-

I'M OVER IT. WOOHOOOOOOOO!! Faster than the previous times k :)
Stop looking at me you bastard. HAHA. On the train, one perv. ZZ.

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