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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
11; Cos lately, they're not making any sense.

" Good luck in cheering me up, cos I'm really down hard "

Come on seh, I need a loooong break! Maybe forever! I don't like my life now. I needa change it. BADLY :( & Daddy said maybe migrating. Urghhh when?!

I've already put aside all my problems. I don't wanna think about it anymore :D Next year, at least getting into a GIRLS' school. Lesser trouble. People say, teens that got into a girls' school either become lesbians, or they commit suicide. Come on lah, only a percentage do that. And they don't treasure their life. I don't wanna go to hell -__- .

"Why do I bother in these kind of trouble anyway?"
-I'm washing my hands off them. Soon. I need some time to think :/

Imma wait till I get the next message. & I'm not doing anything today except comcomcom. Boring & pathetic, yes.

Reminder for tomorrow
  • Dayana's coming back from USA.
  • Siloso Beach, Sentosa with classmates.
  • PSLE Cert collection.
Iffah Khaliesah.

11:47 PM
Yours truly.